The All-New WordPress 5.0 for WordPress 5.0 is Here!

Our popular WordPress 5.0 video course has been completely rewritten and expanded to 34 videos to cover the new Block Editor in WordPress 5.0.

New Course: How to Create Custom Forms in WordPress with Ninja Forms

Learn how to use the Ninja Forms plugin for WordPress to create just about any type of custom form you can imagine—from simple contact forms to event registrations, file uploads, payments, and more—with this brand new, 18-part video tutorial course by SKILLS’WP.

Which WordPress Host is Right For You?

Finding the best WordPress hosting provider for your website can be overwhelming. Is reliability and uptime most important? Or fast servers and page load times? What about the cost? What if you want it all? This post will help simplify the process and show you how to choose the WordPress hosting partner that is right for you.

Why We Recommend Managed WordPress Hosting

Why is managed WordPress hosting so much better than cheaper shared hosting plans? It’s well worth spending a little extra to gain a partner who will handle your site’s speed, security, and updates so you can spend your time making your site great. Here’s why we recommend managed WordPress hosting.

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